To celebrate the beginning of this great new year, I would like to wish you a happy, healthy, prosperous, wonderful and magical New Year! I wish you a season filled with exquisite moments and cherished memories!

This past year has by far been the most memorable one for me! Thanks to my latest single So You I made the semi-finals of Unsigned Only and the UK Songwriting Contest. I also was the pop category winner of Song of the Year and I was a nominee of the Hollywood Music in Media Awards in 2 categories. I had the amazing opportunity of having my lyric video for So You being the featured video of Songwriters Association of Canada for few weeks. The remix of the song by Edson Pride charted for over 13 weeks on Deejayworx. And last but not least, I am now charting on Homegrown Hits & Mass Pool MP3.

Thank you for your support throughout the year and thank you for being part of my journey! I’m really looking forward to sharing many memorable moments with you in 2015 and to finally sharing my debut EP with all of you (yes it will be coming out in 2015)!!!!! Have a spectacular New Year! Here’s to health, wealth, love, success & happiness! <3


NJ -xxx-