“NJ Taylor has a crackle of charisma that makes her the center of attention in any situation. When she steps into a room, it is impossible not to be dazzled by her shimmering aura, that extra special something that defines her as a pop star.”

–        Allen Foster, AXS


“NJ Taylor is a shining example of allocating funds continuing to create music, especially as I truly believe they will be one of our country’s buzz artists in the coming releases. Her new work is another step in what I know will be another important, beautiful and remarkable piece of music we can all get behind in this country – not because it came from her, but because we know it came from one of our country’s finest musical performers

–       Eric Alper, Director of Media Relations and Label Acquisitions, eOne Music Canada


“We love finding new popstars and that is why there is a buzz of excitement around the MP! Office, as today we discovered a rising Canadian pop singer named NJ Taylor who we’re tipping for big things.”

–       Samuel McManus, Maximum Pop


“NJ’s infectious, energetic dance tracks are fun, fresh, and addicting, so watch out for this soon to be pop queen.”

–       Brendon Veevers, Renowned for Sound


“The pop music genre is notorious for music that has bland and uninspired lyrics that are combined with an upbeat tempo designed to mask the unoriginality of the music. Pop artists Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande have broken away from this curse, creating music that is both original, fun, and catchy. Montreal singer-songwriter NJ Taylor should be counted among such pop legends because of her inspiring lyrics, invigorating beats, and fantastic electronic accompaniment.”

–      Samantha Stevens, The Voice Magazine


“If  NJ Taylor’s debut single and video are any indication of what is in store for this rising pop star, then she’s destined for the spotlight.”

–        Allen Foster, Songwriter’s Monthly


“It seems that we can’t stop Canada’s pop crusade in the 21st century and following in the footsteps of Canada’s pop giants Justin Bieber and Carly Rae Jepsen is Montreal’s own NJ Taylor with instant head-spinner ‘Pop Army’. ‘Pop Army’ penned by NJ Taylor herself and co-writer Adien Lewis is the latest single from her self titled Debut EP. This is a song that urges us all to join the pop army and is definitely ready to march into our lives and enlist us all. Check the video inspired by pop legends such as Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga, I can guarantee you won’t be able to take your eyes off it.”

–       Gemma Downes, Music of the Future


“Talent, determination and work ethic. NJ Taylor is a musical threat to be reckoned with. She is an absolute joy to work with and I believe she has all the tools to be something big. If she keeps it up, I think we’ll all be hearing much more about her.”

–       Ghislain “Gee” Brind’Amour, Producer/Mixer/Engineer